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Creative Cardiff Interview - Five Minutes With...

In July 2022 I had the great opportunity to be interviewed by Creative Cardiff for their 'Five Minutes With' series, where Erykah Cameron interviews entry level creatives about their work and industry.

Needless to say, I was a bit nervous but very eager to discuss my role as a Development Researcher. This interview came out recently in February 2023.

It's now been nearly 3 years since I started working in Broadcast and Unscripted TV.

In 2020, during the tumultuous lockdown, I had finished my degree at home and was searching for jobs in television. Which at the time seemed like a never-ending and hopeless endeavour.

However, I didn't give up, I put myself out there and spoke to everyone I could and even spent time on personal projects.

In June of 2020 I self-published one of my Webnovel series and by July I did a TED X Cardiff-university talk via Zoom; all about Job-seeking as a creative, not giving up, and everything I was doing to reach my goals from building on my skills to networking.

Through all that I managed to get referred by my contact and mentor at Creative Cardiff, Vicky Ball, to Wildflame Productions, and that's where I started my TV career as a Junior Researcher.

I had no prior connections in the industry and no real experience at that time, but I made my connections, networked and sought people out to get into my role.

In the Five Minutes With Interview, I discuss what my role as a Development Researcher entails, and I try to convey the importance of networking to get creative jobs. I was so nervous that I'm not sure if I conveyed it well, but that was the message I wanted to share.

This is the interview and I hope you find it somewhat enlightening if you're starting your TV career journey.


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