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My First Network TV Credit

On July 9th I got my first TV credit on Michael Ball's Wonderful Wales on Channel 5 as a Researcher.

Credits - My name next to 'Researcher' (YAY)

As a lot of you know I am pursuing a career in TV, on top of my writing, I aspire to become a self-shooting Producer and Director. Step by step I am achieving these aims.

I started working with Wildflame Productions in November as a Researcher for their Vikings Living History Series that sadly ended up being put on the backburner. Fortunately, I was able to stay with Wildflame Productions and continue getting more experience in the industry; learning more fantastic things, and working with them on more productions across their slate.

'Michael Ball's Wonderful Wales' is the latest production from our company and it is currently airing on Channel 5 at 8 pm every Friday. It is a 4 episode travelogue following Michael Ball OBE as he explores the magical lands of Wales.

Being a part of the series; being on a set, helping out on location and doing research and some post-production paperwork on the show has all just been a wondrous experience. And it's been even more crazy getting to see my own name on TV flashing past in the end credits.

I hope to be a part of many more amazing productions and I'm determined to work hard.

If you haven't seen the series already make sure to stream it on My 5. It involves beautiful landscapes, animals, people and venues. Also, the gorgeous performances done by Michael and the choirs he meets alongside his journey is truly a feast for the ears.

I'm enjoying every second of the show and if you like unscripted TV you surely will too.


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