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Reminiscing on a trip in Marseille.

I have the travel bug.

I love going places and exploring the world. The moment I started my first part time job, and began earning my own money, I started traveling.

I’m one of those annoying people that always love to talk about the places they’ve been to and reminisce about those past adventures. With the current Coronavirus Pandemic and Quarantine situation, I have only gotten worse. I'm always reminiscing about my past travels.

I know some people are still traveling for leisure despite COVID-19 and some travel restrictions have lessened, but I personally still don’t feel comfortable going abroad. Therefore I’m in a rut, just itching to hop on a plane and left remembering the good old times.

One of those aforementioned “good old times” that I find myself thinking back to, is a trip I took in 2018 to Marseille.

Marseille is a Port City in Southern France that was founded by the Greeks in 600 B.C and it is also the home of my Best Friend!

My Best Friend

We decided to spend a few weeks together and I flew out to Marseille to stay at her place, hang about and enjoy all those positive vibes.

This wasn’t my first time in France but it was my first time in the South of France, and while I was expecting that summertime heat, I wasn't expecting that rush of hot air. The sweltering humidity and heavy air. To put it simply, Marseille was quite warm and it was especially so that summer. Luckily I packed pretty well for the occasion.

Honestly I wish I had packed that wisely when I went to Shanghai. I dressed too warmly for that weather. (If you don’t get my reference then definitely check out this post.)

Vieux Port

The moment I got to Marseille I was picked up from their rather small airport by my Bestie. She drove, with fantastic skill, and we went to her house.

After I settled in, ‘A’ (My best friend) took me to the main port area ‘Vieux Port’. It was surrounded by tons of shops on either side, there were tons of people and of course boats. The water was glistening and gorgeous.

'A' and I did a lot of fun things while in Marseille.

You know people that just make you feel safe no matter what and you can have a good time with them without saying anything and they just accept you. Well, that’s my relationship with 'A', some days we went out like crazy other days it was so hot we just talked and vibed. Each day, whether busy or not, was a good day.

The most notable memory was going to the beach.

It is generally gorgeous.

Although some of the beaches were marred by litter and waste thrown by uncaring tourists. (Tourists need to do better. We need to stop ocean pollution.)

Another memorable part of Marseille was hiking. Now I’m not normally a ‘let’s-hike-and-stay-fit” kind of girl, I’m more of a “ewww exercise” kind of girl. But 'A' wanted a hike and I was like “life is about the extreme and getting out of my comfort zone” so we went hiking. And you know what, I loved it.

It was very tiring, but the whole thing was so filling, the journey was fantastic and the view was so beautiful.

Another great memory was going to Aqualand which was a Water Park or Water Theme Park filled with tons of water rides.


It was so much fun going down the slides and swimming in their pools and just having a great day.

'A' and I did many more amazing things on this trip but I don’t want to make this post too long. All I want to say is that Marseille was amazing and I definitely recommend going there.

Like any city it has it’s problems, no city is as picturesque and perfect as magazines and over-idolizing blogs make you believe. But those problems didn't outweigh how beautiful and fun the city was.

With the right person you will have an amazing time.

I personally, can’t wait to go back again.



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