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I hosted my first Panel event, 'Boarders'

On Thursday, February 15, I hosted my first panel event interviewing the amazing crew and cast of the unmissable upcoming BBC Three Drama 'Boarders' that is dropping Tuesday 20, 2024.

As a member of the RTS Cymru Committee, after the Screening of the first episode of Boarders, I was given the brilliant opportunity to interview the extremely astute award-winning writer and Executive Producer Daniel Lawrence Taylor, the fantastic actor Myles Kamwendo who plays 'Omar', Stephen Nicholas the fabulous Production Designer, and Studio Lambert's Head of Scripted, the amazing Maddie Sinclair.

Produced by Studio Lambert, Boarders the brand-new six-part series, follows five talented under privileged black students from inner-city London as they gain scholarships at St. Gilberts, an elite boarding school.

Boarders tells a common yet completely untold tale, of a group of talented and intelligent Young Black Teens trying to make something of themselves, and in the pursuit of furthering their education and bettering their prospects, they must navigate class issues and carve out their identities whilst under the pressure of being in a predominantly white space.

Daniel ingeniously toes the line between comedy and trauma while exploring racism and the rampant, very-real, micro-aggressions that these Black teens face.

The show is eerily similar to my own Sixth Form experience, I remember venturing from a regular state school and then getting the grades to go into a Grammar School.

The divide of both class and race, being in a space with predominantly white students from a higher Socio-economic background then my own, definitely made me feel isolated, exhausted, and often desperate.

It's a far too common story and Boarders tells it brilliantly.

I won't give any spoilers just make sure to give it a watch.


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