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My First Assistant Producer Credit

Hi all, I’m happy to share that the BBC Legends Of Welsh Sport Documentary I made with Wildflame Productions and the amazing Luke Rudland, Luke Pavey, Phil Chappell and James Harries and more is now on BBC iplayer.

This is my first Assistant Producer Credit.

It was such a blessing to be able to work on such a fascinating story about such an incredible man, Bob Morgan, Wales’ most successful yet unknown Diver who unintentionally changed the landscape of Sport Funding in the UK.

When I was working at Wildflame as a Development Researcher we were pitching ideas for the Legends of Welsh Sport strand, and I went looking for something unique, a wild ride, and then diving came to mind. I went digging into the archives and then I came across Bob Morgan who was credited by the Wales Sports Hall of Fame as the most successful diver in Welsh history yet when I googled him he didn’t even have a proper Wikipedia page.

The more I researched the more insane the story became and I just had to chat with him. And what a character, such a bold, fun and brilliant man.

I had to share it with the development team. The amazing Connie Fisher and Samuel Lumley they made an amazing deck and sizzle and the rest is history.

I hope you enjoy this documentary and learn some new things like I did.


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