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My Short film project is on BBC News

Since the Summer of 2023 I have been developing my own independent Short Film called ‘Power Of The Current’ about amateur national Para-Swimmer Sofia Brizio. Uncovering the Power and Grit behind amateur Para-swimming and investigating disability discrimination.

Discover the Power and Grit behind Amateur Para-Swimming through the lens of amateur national gold-medallist, Sofia Brizio. Uncover how the sport can Transform a life, the nuances of disability discrimination in Italy, and a compelling love of the water.

Her incredible story and our filmmaking efforts have now been featured on BBC Wales News and you can hear Sofia on today’s episode of BBC Radio Wales Breakfast and see both on us on BBC Wales Today.

I am joined in making this film with Filmmaker Anna Fumagalli and Camera op Nicoló who are based in Italy, Camera Operator Duncan Birnie, editor Matt Clark and Archive/Edit assistant Kaitlin Brock.

We’ve already started filming, the Italian side of the team catching Sofia at her latest national race in Brescia last December and filming some exteriors GVs and a few interviews with Sofia's family in Bergamo.

We are currently crowdfunding on gofundme for the project and we are applying for funding pots as well. Support us on gofundme here:


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